GIS/GPS Information
and Resources

LCADD offers a variety of geographic and demographic services which are available to local government and private industry. Developing and creating data for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) requires a great deal of experience. Our staff of experienced technical and management personnel are available to serve your needs.
Here are some services we offer:
  • Precision mapping;
  • Data collection using Global Positioning System (GPS);
  • Developing custom Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  • Integrating demographic data;
  • Map production and printing.
Statewide Projects – The Kentucky Area Development Districts provide state agencies with high-quality statewide data collection and, most importantly, maintenance.
Statewide Road Centerlines – We collected precision GPS road centerlines for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and we provide periodic updates to keep the database current.
Statewide Water and Sewer Data – We developed the statewide geodatabase of water and sewer systems for the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. This database is used by the Authority and the Kentucky legislature to prioritize new construction. The geodatabase has an inventory of existing infrastructure, including water tanks, water and wastewater treatment plants, sewer discharge points, water intake structures, water and sewer lines, water pumps and pump stations, and sewer lift stations, as well as proposed water and wastewater infrastructure for the entire state of Kentucky.
Here are a few more examples of available services for local government:

  • Provide support for redistricting;
  • Produce hazard mitigation maps;
  • Update floodplain maps;
  • Collect GPS structure locations and data;
  • Collect parks and recreation data;
  • Local 911 mapping services.

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